Any depot type, any size, easily managed from anywhere!

DepotMaestro easily and efficiently fits together all of the pieces of running a depot.

Manage any depot type, any size, from anywhere - Taxis, Limousines, Buses, Ride-Share, Town Cars, Couriers, Ambulance, Cement Delivery, Para-Transit - at the touch of a button!

Every piece of your depot data in one place linked for easy access - no more duplicate data entry. 'Drag & drop' driver scheduling, vehicle maintenance, marketing, workshop, driver finances and debts, profitability and accounts - all integrated to allow easy and efficient control. Driver app allows instant accident, incident and fault reporting and chat with driver.

App screens

DepotMaestro takes all the pieces of running a depot - vehicles, drivers, maintenance, scheduling, finances, owners and accidents - and lets you access all your data in one place - online, anywhere.

The result is a simple-to-use program that makes the management of any size and type of depot quick and efficient.

The flexible drag-and-drop scheduler simplifies driver rostering - and allows you to chat on the driver app or via SMS. The Vehicle Maintenance module tracks services due.


Easily track the status of accident claims - no more payments 'slipping through the cracks'. Drivers take pics on their phones and enter 3rd party and witness details - you've got the information you need even before the driver has left the scene. Improve your claim rate by keeping track of claims easily and efficiently with automatic document creation. Control costs by accurately recording expenses.


Accurately control driver finances - track driver bonds easily. Drivers finance balances are always up to date. Upload driver photos for easy identification as well as contracts. Driver payments can be uploaded to your bank at the click of a button. Instantly see the amount you owe drivers - or how much you are owed. Send SMS messages instantly to drivers. Set up debt repayment plans.

Driver app DRIVER APP
Driver app

The driver app allows drivers to enter accident, incident and vehicle fault details. They can also take photos of accidents and incidents that are uploaded automatically. If the depot allows this, drivers can also enter their payin data with vouchers, EFTPOS, fuel and expenses. They can also take photos of receipts and dockets for proof as well as send chat messages to the roster manager.


Allow cash tills for multiple cashiers - admin staff can see all cashiers and payment types for easy reconciliation. Specify which payment types in Settings to be treated as Cash. Add a float and petty cash amounts with cash denomination amounts for accurate reconciliation. Driver current account balances show up-to-date owing and owed amounts for drivers. Reports show profitability for vehicles, groups and tag categories.


Send inter-staff messages to all staff, or to only selected staff members. Once a message is received, staff members are alerted when it is waiting to be read. Messages are checked as Read. Messages can have a cut-off date so that after that date, they are automatically deleted. No limit to the length of the message. Staff permissions determine which staff can create and delete messages.


Easily keep track of all owner information and pertinent details. Track multiple owners for vehicles - separate owner-operator and taxi service accreditations. Owners can be companies, partnerships or individuals. Record authorised officer and Justice Of The Peace details to automate statutory declaration fine forms. Instantly see all vehicles belonging to an owner. Record notes and correspondence.


Pay-ins on a commission basis, or a lease fee. Instant and accurate calculations take the worry out of vouchers, payments and driver calculations. Pay-ins allow you to enter dockets, POS entries, shift expenses, quoted jobs and fuel entries. Multiple docket and EFTPOS types can be created with three different entry forms. Bond arrangements and fees such as insurance are added to the expected cash.


Simple drag & drop operation. Change drivers instantly from anywhere - maximise your occupancy. Rosters viewable on any internet device. Easily allocate and remove drivers. Adjust shift length by simply dragging. Set holiday and unavailability time-blocks for drivers. Automatic or manual driver allocation. Customisable shift lengths from 15 minutes to 168 hours. Block vehicles for services and inspections.


Vehicle information instantly at your fingertips - registration details, plate owner, inspections, servicing, insurance, finance and notes. View accident information for each vehicle, when inspections and servicing are due - increasing your vehicle uptime. Fault recording, repaired date comply with transport department requirements. Record multiple chassis details. Optionally import full VIN details.