About us

Steve Silansky was born in South Africa and moved to Australia in 1980. Initially trained in hotel and restaurant management, Steve gained experience in business systems and analysis which led to the development and marketing of depot management software for the past fifteen years. Starting with a simple driver management solution, word-of-mouth spread and as each depot came on board with different requirements, these were added into the solution until sixty-three operations were using the software. The result is a full-featured, on-premises depot management solution.

As time passed, the need for an online depot management solution became more pressing. The issues of capital-intensive server requirements, costly IT support and backing up of critical data meant that what was previously a desire, was now a necessity.

So Steve and a team of experienced developers combined their knowledge to create an online solution for depot management. Drawing on the diverse requirements of existing depots, and utilising industry-standard software platforms, DepotMaestro integrates with online software such as accounting, CRM etc to create a suite of depot management modules that make management of any depot type or size as easy and efficient as it can be.

Keith John Hutchison has been in software development for over 25 years and has a wide range of experience in sales, client support and software engineering.
Keith is a full stack developer with an emphasis on system architecture, micro services and devops.
With a keen understanding of business processes Keith has developed software systems for small to medium size businesses. He's worked with printing and allied trades, advertising agencies, media buyers and for larger market research companies.
Keith lives in Adelaide with his lovely wife Carol. Keith produces music and sometimes busks to remain humble!