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The Accident module in DepotMaestro simplifies the tracking of accident claims and also makes the debt collection process as easy as possible.

All photos and correspondence relating to an accident are stored in one place - one-click convenience! You will never again have to search through mountains of documents to find what you need. Follow-ups are automatically generated so that nothing can ever slip through the cracks!

When a driver is involved in an accident, the driver takes photos on a mobile device and enters third party and witness details right there. Even before the driver has left the scene, you have all the relevant information on your desktop so that you can begin the claims process straight away.

The debt collection process follows actions and time-periods that you have set up in the Settings module - for example, for a not-at-fault accident, DepotMaestro produces a generic letter enquiring about insurer details, then if no reply in 15 days a first demand letter is created, then a second demand letter, then a court case, etc. etc.

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